Gameday Hosting 101

It’s go time! Let’s face it, the most exciting part about the Super Bowl isn’t the game, it’s the hosting. Whether or not you are the one actually hosting is just a technicality. Being ready is all that mattersFor those die-hard fans, hosting means themed decor, featuring plenty of food and refreshments. For the one’s who simply just want an excuse to decorate, we’ve got you covered on all the essentials you need to pull off one of the biggest events of the year.

If you’re just tuning in, here’s a little football 101 before we get into hosting. Every year, in the first few days of February, the Super Bowl rolls around. This year, the two teams going head-to-head are the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. Go teams! If your team isn’t playing that might just mean, endless ads between quarters, and hopefully no OT (overtime). For others, that means coffee tables filled with snacks, dining tables full of appetizers, and chairs that need to accommodate not moving for hours at a time because every second counts. To sum it up, this day is all about making the right plays and the best decisions for your guests. It’s important to make sure your team – If you have one – isn’t the only one winning. To help, we’ve created a guide – or a get the look – to make sure this year’s Super Bowl makes a statement.

A little recap: we may not always understand football, but we do know style. Don’t fumble on game day, stock up on an assortment of coasters, plates, trays, baskets, and chalkboards to keep score. The teams shouldn’t be the only one’s having fun, make this day one to remember. Hosting can be hard, but finding what makes it look good is easy. Be sure to have the best of the best! Dining tables, coffee tables, and seating are a necessity, so why not find the pieces that fit this occasion and any future events. Whether you’re attending or hosting, new decor never hurts.

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