Furniture With A Soul-O-Ween

When it comes to executing the perfect Halloween style in your home, Nadeau knows how to do it best.  Our stores are crawling with pieces that are sure to give your guests a fright.  Whether your style is ominous and classy or frightening and fun, there’s something for everyone this time of year.

Finding a spooky theme that is just right for the ghoul in you is the key to capturing the magic of All Hallows Eve. Create a spook-tac-ular space that would make any witch cackle with delight by starting with pieces that feature distressed finishes and worn hardware. Try using colors reminiscent of a bubbling cauldron or midnight sky, perhaps.

Accessories are the addition that will transform your space into the creepy fortress of your nightmares. Place a miniature pumpkin patch on top of some old books to add vintage touches that have a non-traditional Halloween feel to them. This will give your holiday display a classy and unexpected twist! Don’t be afraid to add in bright colors (even if it’s a few, not-so-scary, butterflies) and some leafy greenery as a great alternative to the traditional fall leaves and damp color palettes of years past.

As we all know, with Halloween’s tricks, there are always treats! Make your dessert display one to shriek about by using intricate glass candelabras and chalices in an array of jewel tones. Distressed picture frames with eerie antique photos atop an industrial style buffet are a great way to bring out the haunt in your house. Finish the look with some deliciously gooey delights and you’re guaranteed to satisfy more than everyone’s sweet tooth this year.

And, what screams Halloween more than blood red pillows and the ‘hoot’ of an owl? By mixing your current home decor with a few shabby chic pieces, you can cast a spell on any room with a little abracadabra! Display woodland creatures that seem to have been cast in stone or a collection of poisoned apples waiting for their next victim. The best part is, you don’t have to pack everything away once the holiday is over! Many of these accessories are so versatile that they can be used year-round. Have these pieces transcend seasons simply by switching up the vibe to match the time of year.

Finally, what if you’re someone who has little goblins running around or you, yourself, love the more traditional way of decorating for Halloween? Well, fear not! There’s still a place for all of those toothless jack-o-lantern grins, potion bottles, spiderwebs, and mummies. Get creative with items that are already in your home by cutting out silly faces to put on old dishes in a glass cabinet or by making a cast-iron pot spill over with dry ice. Spiderwebs are a favorite staple for this petrifying holiday and are always a great way to add the feeling of creepy crawlies throughout your home.

One thing’s for certain, no matter how you prefer to show off your sinister side this year, there’s a bone-chilling style out there for everyone. At Nadeau, our stores are overflowing with pieces that will transform your home into a place that’s full of magic and horror. Stop by your local store before it’s too late! Click here to find a store nearest you and don’t forget to add yourself to our mailing list so that you can get first pick of new arrivals. Happy Haunting!

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