Furniture Shopping Tips: Getting the Most From Your Nadeau Visit

measuring tape
Furniture shopping can be a chore–driving around for an entire weekend checking colors, dimensions, and wondering how it will all look when it comes together. For people who can’t afford an interior designer, staring at an empty room or a piece of worn-out furniture and trying to figure out where to begin is an exhausting task. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you in your shopping, at Nadeau and beyond.

  • Pictures Save a Thousand Headaches: Before you leave, snap photos of your space from a variety of angles. When you’re in the store, take pictures of furniture that interests you. (Nadeau is always photo-friendly, but not all furniture stores are. Make sure to ask!)
  • Every Inch Counts: Measure your space, making sure to leave a reasonable amount of room to walk around the piece if necessary. (Apartment Therapy and have good guides for dining tables, coffee tables, traffic areas and more) use painter’s tape to block out the area on the floor to see what would work best.
  • Pack For Your Trip: Bring paint samples, fabric swatches, throw pillows, pillowcases, drawers from other furniture you are trying to match, etc. Anything that will help you is welcome in the store (friends are also encouraged)! All of our stores have tape measures available and associates who are happy to lend an extra hand when needed.
  • Dream Outside the Box: What’s the difference between a nightstand and a side table? Where you place it in your house. Think about the size and functionality you want in your furniture, and Nadeau likely has a piece that will fit the job. Do you want a TV stand that is open or enclosed? Do you need drawers beside your bed, or do you prefer open shelving? We don’t divide our furniture up into categories or sell them in sets in order to encourage creative thinking.
  • Shop Early, Shop Often: Our stores receive new shipments every couple of weeks, so the inventory is constantly changing. To get first pick on the best selection, sign up for our email lists to know when new product arrives. If you’re not in a hurry, waiting for the perfect piece at an affordable price will result in years of happiness in your home.
  • When In Doubt, Ask: Our store managers are experienced in design…use their knowledge! Photos, color samples, even ideas you’ve cut out of magazines are great tools for us to help you create your dream space.

Just remember–it may not all come together overnight, but when it’s over, you’ll have a beautiful and functional space that will serve you for many years to come. Happy shopping!

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