Fix It Friday – Scratches Begone

scratches 1

Scratches on a piece can be a deal breaker when deciding if you keep it or trash it. Save your old faithful piece of furniture with this quick fix! Your favorite item will get an instant uplift to make it look brand new!

Materials: Sandpaper, Paint Brush, Gloves, Acrylic Paint, and Rag

Time: Quick – depends on dry time

scratches 2
scratches 3

1. Sand top of scratched piece with sandpaper

Step 1
Step 1

2. Wipe clean with rag

Step 2
Step 2

3. Paint two coats with paint and paint brush (allow for dry time between both coats)

Step 3
Step 3

Then…voila! No more scratches. For fun, we also changed the knobs on this pieces to add even more uniqueness! Fix yours today!

scratches 8
Fun Knobs
scratches 9

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