Fix it Friday – Restaining Furniture

Stain 1


Is the top of your beloved stained piece showing a little wear? We can walk you through the quick process of revitalizing any stained mahogany piece.

Instead of completely sanding your item and struggling to color match we have found that Minwax dark walnut stain works for all Nadeau stained Indonesian Mahogany pieces​.

Materials: Small can of stain, gloves and a few clean rags

Time: 10 minutes

1. With a dry cloth wipe piece clear of any dust

2. Put on gloves and open stain – stir with an old plastic spoon or shake before opening (bubbles won’t matter with application method we are using)

3. Grab a rag and dip into stain

4. Apply liberally using long strokes going with the grain of the piece

5. Dab stain on rougher areas

6. Wipe off stain with cleaner rag

7. Reapply until satisfied with the look – if more is required wait an hour between applications

Tip 1: Do this project in a well ventilated area

Tip 2: If you have any concern at all about your skills try this method on the back of your piece before committing to the front or top of the item

Happy staining!


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