Fix it Friday – Painting Furniture


We’ve all been there–you find a piece of furniture you like, but the color doesn’t work. Or you still like your current furniture but want to change your home’s color scheme. Or you just want to jazz up a hand-me-down. Don’t fret! Painting your furniture isn’t hard, it can be an easy weekend DIY project. Follow these steps below to achieve this unique and authentic look.

Materials: Paint, brush, rag & Windex

Time: 30 minutes

1. Pick your furniture piece.
2. Pick your colors – any paint already on hand or inexpensive craft paint is best.
3. Brush lightly with light color first (also known as dry brushing). This is your base coat.
4. Add colors gradually, starting with the lightest to darkest using same brush – no need to rinse. Layer your colors for a rustic, weathered look.

Tip 1: The less exacting you are with paint the more authentic the look becomes.

Tip 2: Use rag with a bit of Windex or water to wipe up any paint splatters. Acrylic paint is great because it’s easy to clean up.


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