Fix It Friday – DIY Patterns

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Wanting to add more fun to a furniture piece for a kid’s room? Give it a shabby chic home made look with these steps to creating your own pattern.

Materials: Paint, Paintbrush rag or sponge, Sandpaper, Thin cardboard (as thin as the back of a legal pad), Marker, Box cutter, Clear coat, and Damp rag

Time: Quick – depends on dry time


Step 1: Draw the shape you want on the cardboard. You may want to try drawing the design on a different piece of paper beforehand to get the exact design you want.

Step 2: Use a box cutter to cut the shape out of the middle of the cardboard without cutting from the outer edges of the cardboard.

Step 2
Step 2


Step 3: Lightly sand the area on the furniture piece you want the design to be located.

Step 4: Lay your cardboard stencil on the area you just sanded and dab on paint in the color of your choice. Repeat this until satisfied with the thickness of the paint.

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Step 4

Step 5: Let dry before continuing with the rest of the steps.

Step 6: Use permanent marker in the color of your paint or a contrasting color to outline the shapes if you want a clean line.

Step 7: After everything is dry, add a a gloss coat.

If you’re feeling bold: Make more stencils in many sizes to add between your already awesome design. You could also try different colors!

Add more fun designs!
Add more fun designs!

This can be a great personalized DIY gift with the coming holidays!

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