Fix it Friday – Chalkboard Anywhere In Your Home

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Have some extra space that is begging to be filled? Kids drawing on the walls? This is the perfect project for you! Adding chalkboard paint to a wall or door is a great way to keep art time clean and in one place. You may even catch yourself wanting to join in on the drawing fun.

Materials: Chalkboard paint, paintbrush, blue painter’s tape/masking tape, rag and Windex (for drips)

Time: Quick – depends on dry time

1. Tape out area where you want your chalkboard

2. Paint inside taped area with chalkboard paint

3. Let dry before removing tape

Don’t forget to have fun with this project! For a little extra flair – go around the edge of the chalkboard paint with acrylic paints creating a painted frame design.

There you have it! A quick and easy chalkboard for you or your family to enjoy!

Other fun twists:
1) Paint the top of an old table with chalkboard paint to create a craft table for kids (or yourself)!
2) Paint the inside of a cabinet or pantry to create a convenient place for a running grocery list.
3) Put some chalkboard paint on your herb pots to remember what you planted where.
4) Put a bit of paint on drawers to remind kids what gets put away where.
5) Use the paint on cups to write names or draw pictures to remind everyone whose is whose.


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