Find Your New Favorite Style!

It’s mind-boggling to realize how many different types of furniture styles there are in the world. So you can imagine how daunting it is to find one that fits your true personality. That’s why Nadeau never focuses on one style more than another. We constantly deliver unique shipments to each store across the states just so you can find your very own furniture mates in your own local Nadeau location. We’ve made it easier for you to find your favorite style by compiling a bunch of pieces and housing them under a few stylistic themes. If you want more shipments of a certain style, contact your local Nadeau and let them know!




Nadeau will always have a piece or two to match your preferred aesthetic. Stop by your local Nadeau and browse our eclectic selection of furniture and accessories from India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Each store receives multiple shipments per month, meaning that each store’s inventory is always changing. Make sure you’re aware and sign-up for your local Nadeau’s email newsletter to receive alerts every time a new shipment arrives! Find your store here.

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