Feng Shui Your Home

“Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.” – About.com

Refinery 29 has given us some amazing tips from expert Anita Rosenberg on how to Feng Shui your home including using wood coffee tables, square furniture, entryway pieces and mix-and-match dining chairs. We have many pieces that follow these great tips – take a look below and assure good health and fortune in your home today:

Tip 2:
“DON’T overdue any one shape in a room. Squares represent the earth element, and too much earth in a space makes you procrastinate. Balance is the key.” – We have many square pieces to add a touch of the earth to any room, as well circular, rectangular and more.

Tip 9:
“DON’T leave your entryway without proper welcoming items. The qi has to hang out for a minute and circulate — it can’t just spew into your living room uncomfortably. If you don’t have a foyer, you’ll need to create one. Just as in life, you must direct where energy goes, and this is the starting point.” – We have a wide selection of entryway pieces from benches, hall trees, mudroom units and more.

Tip 10:
“When buying furniture, DO search for solid items like wood. Glass desks or coffee tables are not recommended, since they should be as supportive as possible, not riddled with the possibility of shattering.” – All our pieces are made of solid wood and we have over 6,000 pieces to choose.

Tip 13:
“In your dining room, DO make sure there is no queen or king seating at the heads of tables. All chairs can be unique and individual, but the days of ruling the dining room are over. Everyone is equal.” – Mix-and-match dining chairs are a great option here and current design trend, take a look at our previous post here for inspiration: http://blog.furniturewithasoul.com/trend-mix-and-match-dining-chairs/.

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