Everything In Its Place: Furniture for Organization

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is an age old saying about how to keep your home organized. The idea is to designate spaces in your abode to store everyday items when they’re not in use. This prevents clutter and, very importantly, ensures everybody living under the same roof knows where to find items when they need them.

But following these words of wisdom can be difficult if you don’t have the right furniture for storing and organizing all those books, kitchen essentials, coats, bottles of wine and more. At Nadeau, we know how important it is for our customers to keep their homes tidy and offer a large selection of furniture to make the task both easy and stylish.


NINE HOLE BOOKSHELF $450 (sku # YD5568)                                                   IRON BOOKSHELF $409 (sku # HW8023)

The bookcase is an essential piece of furniture -relevant for nearly every room in the house- for organizing your favorite periodicals and novels as well as storing knick-knacks, clothes, and other items.


COAT HANGER $425 (sku # M283)                                                                     HALL STAND $315 (sku # YD6020)

Never underestimate the power of a good coat rack or hall stand to help cut down on clutter. Strategically placed in one, or many, high-traffic corridors, it’s the best way to prevent coats and scarves from landing on the living room floor, couch and anywhere else in between.


KITCHEN ORGANIZER $639 (sku # A169)                                                                     WINE RACK $148 EACH (sku # A055)

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the house, making it especially vulnerable to clutter. A kitchen organizer provides workspace and storage in one central location. Having a great wine rack ensures your cherished bottles of vino are organized and easily accessible.


MAGAZINE RACK $65 (sku # A019)                                                                     MULTI RACK $259 (sku # KA559)

Somehow bills, receipts, work reports and other paper products multiply exponentially if not kept in check. Enter the file rack. It’s the quickest, easiest place to store these important documents for review at a later date.

Visit your local Nadeau today to speak with one of our team members about furniture and accessories that can help ensure there’s “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Click here to find the store nearest you. We receive new products monthly, so you’re sure to find pieces for keeping your living space tidy and much more every time you visit. Also, make sure to ask about our email lists so you’ll receive notification when new shipments are expected to arrive. Happy home organizing!

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