Do It Yourself (with Help from Nadeau)!

When you imagine holding a power tool in your hand, do you break into a cold sweat? Does the thought of a weekend spent at the hardware store drain you of your energy in the blink of an eye? If the words “do-it-yourself” are enough to send you running for the hills, then we’re here to tell you that you’ve been doing it all wrong! Break out the hand saw and the wood polish if you so choose but there is an easier way to upgrade your furniture. You won’t believe what can be done with a screwdriver and some glue. Check out a few of our no hassle homegrown remodels and prepare to be amazed. We’re sure you’ll find the one that’s right for you without breaking a sweat.

If you’ve still got some reservations, we have just the project to ease your mind! By far the simplest upgrade on our list is a no-sweat knob change. All you have to do is remove the default drawer pull or handle and replace it with something that has a bit more pizazz! Nadeau carries a wide variety of knobs featuring fun materials, colors, and shapes. Just visit your local store and ask to see what they have on hand. And then learn how to make the switch here.

See, wasn’t that easy? The next venture requires a steady hand for cutting, measuring and gluing, but still lands on the shallow end of the DIY difficulty pool. Imagine taking that boring solid colored storage piece (you know the one we’re talking about) and adding a fun pattern to it without whipping out your paintbrush. Applying removable wallpaper to visible surfaces can revitalize your decor in a flash. The best part is that you can do it as many times as you like with as many patterns as you want. Similar looks can also be achieved with wrapping paper and gold foil but they are more permanent and require a bit more elbow grease. Learn how to get the look here.

If you’re ready to take the training wheels off, it’s time to kick things up a notch! This undertaking requires only a few supplies that you probably already have at home. You can upgrade any painted cabinet to a rustic masterpiece in a single afternoon. This is the perfect project if you are looking to give a simple unadorned piece an infusion of soul! Shabby chic styles featuring distressed finishes are captivating and worth the effort it takes to find them. If you’re in no mood to go furniture hunting though, this works just as well. Check out the tutorial here.

After checking out these awesome DIYs we KNOW that your creative juices are flowing like crazy. If you are still feeling hesitant about taking the first step on a project of your own, come visit us! Our team has been in the decor business for years and we’d be happy to steer you in the right direction. Find your nearest Nadeau location by clicking here and remember to join our email list to hear about new shipments.  As always, send pictures of Nadeau product in your home to We love seeing where our pieces end up.

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