DIY: How to Decorate Eggs for Easter

Image via Apartment Therapy

Easter is soon approaching and we are feeling inspired by our daily reads of blogs and magazines – it’s time to get creative with DIY Easter decorations. Apartment Therapy has a beautiful and simple post on how to decorate eggs with natural DIY dyes – all you need are some eggs, a little creativity and to follow these steps on their website:

1. Stickers: This one is great for the kids – cover your eggs with stickers before dipping them in the dye to create interesting shapes.

2. Waxed Crayons: Also a great one for the kids – before you place the eggs in your homemade dyes draw designs on the eggs with light colored crayons. The wax will not absorb the dyes and create a beautiful design.

3. Rubber Bands: Wrap rubber bands around a hard boiled egg and let it soak for an hour in a warm mixture of turmeric, salt and vinegar.

4. Herbs, Flowers, Leaves: Use a variety of greens from the garden to create interesting relief pattens.

5. Onion Peels: Wrap raw eggs in onion skins and cheese cloth, then boil them for 20 minutes. The oils from the skins will transfer onto the eggs to create a mottled look.

We can’t wait to give these a try – happy decorating!

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