Designing the Dining Room

Designing an entire room can be tricky. Where do you start? Do you keep any existing items, or do you completely start from scratch? We know that the layout and look of your dining room is very important. It is where you’ll host guests and holiday gatherings as well as eat many meals. The dining room is the heart of the home, so its design matters!

When it comes to designing your dining room, there’s a few things to keep in mind. You want to ensure that everyone can be seated comfortably at the table. You also need enough space for people to walk around the table without hitting a console or buffet against the wall. These measurements will matter and affect the end result. Start by purchasing the bigger pieces first. It is important to keep both comfort and aesthetic in mind. Also, simple and clean is safer; you can always update and add to the interior at any time.

Reclaimed Wood Table $473 | Sku: AV014 | @rheamarkable

Choosing the Right Dining Table: When it comes to picking out a dining table, the first questions should be what size and what shape? Let the table act as the centerpiece. Do you want a round table or something square? Do you want a sleek, modern look or something rustic and distressed?

Once you’ve got something in mind, the next step is to bring a tape measure with you for the entirety of the dining room shopping process. Assuming that your table needs to comfortably host around four people at a time, then look for tables that are at least 36 inches wide. This allows enough space for placements, serving dishes, and the food in general.

Two key measurements when designing a dining room include the space from the table to the wall and the table-to-furniture clearance. Having a gorgeous dining room won’t matter if none of your guests can get up or move around. Try to allow about 42-48 inches between the dining table and any other pieces of furniture and any walls. When working on your ideas, we recommend using blankets and boxes for example to visualize how the space will be taken up by the table, chairs, and other furniture.

More Tips for Dining Table Purchases:

1. Don’t overcrowd the table; people usually need about 2 feet of space to eat their meal.

2. Round tables are a great space-saving solution.

58″ Round Dining Table $917 | Sku: HW1105 | @bethhartdesigns

3. Go for a rectangular-shaped table for dining rooms that are long but narrow.

4. Save space by going smaller on seating. Use a bench instead of chairs; tuck it under the table to add room.

 Large Dining Table $714 | SKU: KA100 | Nadeau Cincinnati customer submission

Choosing the Right Dining Chairs: Keep comfort in mind! Match the shape of the table with the chairs – opt for round chairs at a round table and square chairs at a rectangular or square dining table. Never buy a chair that isn’t at least 17 inches wide; it’s not going to provide enough comfort nor support. The ideal chair is 20-24 inches deep. Also, the seat height is crucial – there should be about a foot of space between top of chair and table. Again, always keep comfort in mind.

Spice it up! Mix and match chairs for a perfectly farmhouse look or just because you like it. Simply find at least one common design element among the different chairs, and you can totally pull it off.

Farmhouse Dining Table $392 | Sku: PC132 | @thehomesteadhaven

Here at Nadeau, we are more than happy to help with any and all of your design needs. Bring us your dining room dreams, and we’ll turn them into reality! No matter the style you want or the budget you have, we have years of design experience under our belts, and love to assist. So please reach out to us with your ideas!

Stop by your local Nadeau with your ideas and a tape measure, and go find the perfect new piece that’ll fit perfectly in your dining room. Don’t forget to sign-up for your location’s newsletter to receive alerts every time a new shipment of unique accessories and furniture arrives.

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