Decorate Your Space for a Summer BBQ

Summer is here! With sunny days and extra free time, what else is there to do besides host an outdoor BBQ? With 4th of July and Labor Day on the horizon, it’s important that you’re able to host some friends while delicious food and drinks are shared in your outdoor space – backyard, patio, balcony, whatever your situation is. The coming national holidays aren’t the only reason to have friends over. Summertime brings about birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and many other fun reasons to grill and enjoy yourselves with loved ones!

When hosting outdoor events, the key to success is ample seating! You want your guests to be able to easily eat and make conversation with others. In order to save on the cost of more than one dining table, might we suggest strategically placing coffee tables with a chair or two around your outdoor space? Often, people just place plates of food in their laps. The height and width of the coffee tables that you choose is not as important as simply having flat surfaces to place important things on, like your beer!

Here at Nadeau, we certainly know a thing or two about the maintenance of wood furniture. That is why we absolutely recommend using metal pieces for hosting potentially messy outdoor events. It is a whole lot easier to remove barbecue sauce stains off of metal than it is off wood.

Coffee Table \\ $252 \\ Item #VA465

Regardless of your home’s indoor interior design, we suggest you cozy up to industrial style for the outside areas of your home as it typically features wood & metal or completely metal designs.

Coffee Table \\ $119 \\ Item #PR616

These industrial coffee tables with intricate designs are sure to infuse some extra soul into your outdoor space. No longer must you worry about your expensive wood getting spilled on and spoiled.

A lot of surface space is needed, especially if you are hosting a catered event or a potluck, for example. In those situations, we recommend having at least a few size-able tables.

Round Iron Dining Table \\ $302 \\ Item #VA613

Whether you are looking to refresh your outdoor space or just recently moved into a new home, we think you will absolutely swoon over this gorgeous accent table that can easily hold an appetizer or two.

Iron & Stone Demilune \\ $231 \\ Item #ND664

Here are some of the unique, industrial style seating options that can be found at your nearest Nadeau:

Iron Chair \\ $75 \\ Item #PR678
Iron Ribbon Chair \\ $92 \\ Item #HW8014









Going for a speakeasy-themed party? Do you have a fully-stocked outdoor bar? If so, check out these cute metal stools:

Iron Bar Stool \\ $65 \\ Item #PR676

Once you’ve picked out your tables and chairs for outdoor entertaining, then it’s time to start decorating! We offer a variety of unique accessories that are sure to brighten up and add some soul to your patio, balcony, or whatever your space has.

Even better if you are going for a patriotic theme for your outdoor event. Nadeau currently has a very cute selection of red, white, and blue napkin sets perfect for setting up your Independence Day table.

                       Napkin Set \\ $31 \\ Item #UM060

Check out these colorful candle holders that totally double as vases. Make the perfect centerpiece using one or more of these beauties.

Moroccan Candle Holders \\ $3 each \\ Item #UM116

Now that we have laid out the essentials to hosting a summer barbecue, go stop by your local Nadeau location for even more outdoor design ideas, no matter the occasion! Don’t forget to sign-up for your nearest store’s email newsletter to stay updated every time a new shipment of furniture and home decor arrives.

*The products shown here are for temporary outdoor use during entertaining.

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