Creating Wellness Spaces at Home

This is a guest post by Ashley Miller.

Your home should be the one place on the planet that you feel the most comfortable. It’s
a place that offers you both shelter from hail storms as well as protection from the summer.
Your home should be a place of peace that helps you unwind after a hard day at work. It should
promote better mental and physical health. Creating wellness spaces at home is easy if you
follow these tips:

Choose A Spot

While many homeowners want their entire home to be a wellness space, it isn’t always easily
attainable. We recommend choosing one area of your home to focus on to get you started. This
area will be one that’s located away from the busy parts of the house, most likely not the kitchen
or family room. A wellness space that’s beneficial will need to be set apart from loud or
distracting spots of your home. Choose a back bedroom, loft, or even a shaded portion of the
yard or outdoor living space.

Incorporate Light

Different lighting elements are essential when creating a peaceful ambiance. Refrain from using
incandescent lights or hardwired light fixtures. The best lighting options include natural light from
a window or lighted candles which create a flickering dance of light that will induce comfort and
peace. Outdoor wellness areas are flooded with natural light so be careful about staying in the
hot Texas sun too long. Make sure you have shade for your space. Many large
trees provide more than enough. Consider using your outdoor wellness space at sunrise or
sunset to expose yourself to different variations of light.

Less Is More

Home wellness spaces will feel more peaceful and inviting if they’re sparsely decorated. You
may keep just a few items in the room that are most important to your wellbeing. Take out
storage boxes, clutter, and anything else that could be potentially distracting. Even large
furniture pieces and heavy curtains can weigh down the room. Start by clearing out your
wellness space to mindfully choose items to add to it that will only promote peace and

Add Simple Furniture

After you’ve taken out a super plush armchair from a room, you may stop and wonder what kind
of furniture will do best in the newly created wellness space. Consider adding furniture that is
simple in its construction and connects you to nature. We recommend smaller pieces of
furniture, like a Copenhagen Arm Chair, that provide support and pure beauty to a wellness
space. If your wellness space is outdoors, consider choosing furniture that can withstand the
weather, like iron chairs that won’t be damaged by sunlight or rain.

Welcome Nature

Indoor plants can provide a lot of benefits to a wellness space at home. Consider adding a few
different plants to your wellness space that vary in size, texture, and style. Add a small
succulent to a side table and place a large Fiddle Leaf Fig tree in the corner. Plants provide
natural beauty to the space as well as help detoxify the air. They also promote peace and a
connection to nature even if you aren’t outdoors. Make sure to choose plants that will do best in
the light that your wellness space provides and remember to water them when needed.

Play to the Senses

Entering into a room at home that offers something for the senses is an essential part of a
wellness space. The area should be beautiful to look at as well as comfortable to the touch.
Opening a window to hear natural outdoor sounds is essential as well as providing a pleasant
scent to the room. Choose a scented candle or even an oil diffuser that will allow you to change
the aroma. Have cucumber infused water to sip and fresh fruit or nuts to snack on while
enjoying your time alone.

Creating a wellness space for your home is vital to decrease stress and provide an area
that you can retreat to. Choose a spot that works for you and will offer you the most access to
natural light and limited noise. Clear the space of clutter and furniture that doesn’t promote
serenity. Choose simple, but comfortable, furniture pieces that also provide texture to the room.
Incorporating items that play to the senses as well as welcoming nature to the room also helps
create a cohesive wellness space. Consider these tips when creating a wellness space at home
this year.

Ashley Miller is a home decor and lifestyle writer who cures her HGTV obsession by
refurbishing anything and everything she can get her hands on into something new.


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