Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Guest rooms tend to be a place where you throw extra blankets or pillows. A room where nothing matches, including lamps, wall decor and side tables. Turn your “junk” guest room into a home-away-from-home oasis for your visitors with these key steps.

Step #1: Pick a look. Start thinking of your non-bedroom as your bedroom. Design a space that you would want to stay in. Choose colors and designs that make you feel relaxed.

Step #2: Get rid of the things that don’t fit. Take a long moment to consider throwing out things that don’t fit in your place. If you have a collection you want to keep, work them into your design or build a design around them. If a side table doesn’t seem to be working, consider changing it with a new coat of paint–or maybe it is time to say goodbye.

Step #3: Buy the essentials. Get your hands on some soft sheets and bed set. Most of your guest’s time in the room will likely be spent in the bed, so take as much time picking out the perfect set for this bed as you would your own.

Step #4: Make sure you have extras. Everyone has different preferences to their morning routine or even sleeping. Make sure you have extra towels, pillows, and blankets stored away in your guest bedroom that are easily accessible. Also, consider keeping an extra toothbrush or facial wash on hand as well.

Step #5: Add extra touches to make your guest room feel like a homey bed and breakfast. If you have the space, add a small bistro table and chair if your guest is an early riser who doesn’t want to impose by leaving their room. Or try adding a comfortable chair with a side table and lamp to make for easy reading for your visiting night owl.

Try these Nadeau pieces to make a new guest room look easy!

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