Color Can Bring You Happier Vibes!

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It’s no secret our furniture has a soul. But did you know it can also make you happier? The inclusion of color when picking out furniture is an important aspect for creating optimal interaction with popular spaces; even spaces you don’t use because of the lack of color. That’s why every now and then a unique shipment is dedicated to bringing over painted pieces from India and Indonesia. You spend a lot of time in your home and it’s crucial that every room makes you feel the exact way you want.


Red is one of the most powerful colors you could add to your home! It oozes vivacity and joyful ambiance, creating alertness and even hunger. Yes, having a red painted piece of furniture in your kitchen or dining room will definitely help whet your appetite, which is why many restaurants feature this hue anywhere they can. Of course, the color red is known to carry romantic inclinations, which makes it an excellent choice for the bedroom; if you’re looking to spice up the love life!


Mint Green exudes an ideal blend of serenity and efficiency within a work setting! By adding a piece with this shade to your office, you are welcoming in a more productive and worry-free mindset. It’s the kind of color that won’t let you slack off, but at the same time will not stress you out.


Yellow cheers up any space with its sunny nature! If you ever want to add a pop of color to a room and/or highlight a piece of furniture, yellow is by far the way to go. It can even help illuminate dark spaces. The kitchen and dining room would benefit a great deal from having one or two yellow painted pieces around for extra brightness as they’re the rooms usually with the most traffic.


Blue establishes peace of mind and tranquility! It is a solid color for the office and bedroom as it has the ability to relax you. It’s also an excellent color for the living room as it can encourage togetherness and family time. Sometimes you just need a unique item to help take the edge off.


White is great for contrasting! It’s a blank slate for whenever you don’t want to bring in too much energy inside. The neutral tone is perfect for balancing out your home’s exuberant decor and wall colors.

There are so many ways you can tackle color. And there are so many meanings behind each color. Don’t be afraid to dramatically change the feel of a room if that’s the mood you want to instill. To stay in the know every time your local Nadeau receives a painted shipment, sign-up to be on our email list! Find your local store here and let the treasure hunt begin!


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