Clutter Hiding Hacks

For most people, the holidays mean a time of gift giving, camaraderie, and relaxation. For holiday hosts and hostesses, however, the holidays are a different beast altogether.  Amidst the shopping, cooking, and wrapping, your home is liable to become an absolute disaster! What do you do when your house is full of guest prep clutter and you don’t know what to do? You ask Nadeau of course!

If you are planning a fun-filled gathering at your home, you’ll need three things in your decor arsenal: storage, storage, and more storage! The quickest way to give your home a neat appearance is to have a place to put every item.  Read on for some quick tips on how to make your storage pieces work for you.

A place for everything and everything in its place. This old adage promotes organization and cleanliness but never said anything about style. Lucky for you, the sideboards at Nadeau can do both. The simplest way to cut down on clutter is to have a place in your home for everything that you use. Our sideboards make great caches for your favorite items. Hide them behind solid doors or display them with one of our many glass front options.

Hide your clutter in plain sight by pairing storage baskets with a larger accent piece or alluring decor.  Fill your baskets with knickknacks, toys, books, and whatever else you need to make your space look neat and clear. Colorful statement items and elaborate accessory designs help to draw the eye away from the relatively simple baskets resulting in the appearance of instant organization.

When it’s crunch time and your guests are due to arrive any moment, sometimes you have to go for broke and get your cram on. Days like these are when you are going to wish that you had invested in some double duty furniture.  We are happy to offer a variety of benches, coffee tables, and trunks that feature discrete storage spaces. Stuff it full and close the top. Your visitors will never know.

Wheeled furniture is all the rage amongst the organizationally challenged. Not only do they make beautiful conversation pieces but you can also pile them high with various undesirables. All you have to do then is roll them into an unused room and shut the door. Out of sight, out of mind…until clean up time that is.


This next solution is for all of the procrastinators that love to host but still struggle to get everything done before the envoy of friendly arrivals hit the door. We would never leave you out! If you are really pressed for time and are unable to put your extras in baskets, storage trunks, or sideboards, try using a room divider as a temporary solution.  The various styles offered by Nadeau range from ornate and solid to simple and sheer. When not in use you can fold them up or use them as stand-alone wall art.

And with that quick tutorial, you are prepared to meet your hosting duties like a pro! Plan a visit to Nadeau today. We have multiple stores nationwide, all receiving new shipments on a regular basis. Click here to find your nearest Nadeau location and explore our huge selection of items. Our inventory turns over quickly so be sure to sign up for our email list to be the first to know when we receive new pieces. As always, feel free to send your own masterful creations to We love seeing what you budding interior designers do with our furniture!

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