City Guides: New York

1932 New York City
1932 New York City

There are plenty of guides out there to tell you what to do in New York City, but we got the local lowdown from our store manager (and native New Yorker), Shay Collazo. If you want to avoid the tourist track, check out her recommendations below.

Best Restaurant For A Nice Dinner:  “Our choices in NYC are so awesome, but we can’t live without Wo Hop in Chinatown. Or Eataly. Or Thai Market in uptown–try the daikon cakes! And Hundred Acres is a great locavore restaurant. For drinks, Please Don’t Tell is a fun experience and it starts online.”

Favorite Place to Satisfy a Sugar Craving: “Gunz, around the corner from Nadeau, offers European treats for reasonable prices. I also love the tea shoppes in Chinatown; the pastries are fresh and fit any budget.”

Favorite Coffee Shop: “The Bean. You have to get the Nutella Fitzgerald–hot or cold, it’s amazing. Also, the owner is very community oriented, and just may have a few of our pieces in his shops!”

Best Cultural Experience: “C’mon, this Is NYC! There’s BAM in Brooklyn for music, The Native American Museum is free, plus there’s Central Park and The 911 Memorial. Fun Fact: In summer you can see free quality entertainment every single night in the city, whether you prefer movies or music.

Best summer Outdoor Activity: High Line is a must see! Plus free yoga in the park, hiking upstate, and The Bronx Zoo and the Botanical Gardens.

You can’t leave NYC until you: Ride the subway, eat a dirty water dog, see Shakespeare or a concert in Central Park, people watch, take a ferry to Staten Island just to ride the ferry, take a selfie on every bridge in Central Park, and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and back.

You are not a local unless you: Curse a lot, have tattoos, go right home after work unless you can crash an event with free liquor, get photographed by the Humans of NY guy, get really pissed very loudly, avoid delivery charges by taking everything and anything home on the subway, make a lucrative living as a dog walker, meet someone famous or live near them, walk against the light while facebooking, yell at /get yelled at by a stranger, help/get helped by a stranger.

One thing you won’t find anywhere else: Albert Einstein’s Eyeballs are in a safety deposit box in NYC. And there is a secret train platform in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Final Word: Remember, in New York walking is a contact sport, not a leisure activity.

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