Back to School Furniture Shopping

Back to school season is here. Are you a parent needing to update your kids’ living spaces? Are you a college or graduate student that needs new furniture? Well never fear; Nadeau is here!

We do not carry pencils, folders, or office supplies, but our selection of desks, chairs, and other uniquely handcrafted furniture is sure to satisfy whatever back-to-school shopping needs you may have.

Let’s start with how to refresh your child’s living spaces such as their study and play areas. Why not pick a desk or table in their favorite color? We have a wonderful selection of painted pieces in a variety of styles.

But children need to do more than study to succeed in life. They also need enough play time! With all of their pent-up energy, it’s crucial that your kids have the proper creative outlets. They serve as a perfect release for all that hyperactivity that us adults wish we still had. For your peace of mind, be sure they’ve got enough space to doodle and paint in place of your bedroom walls.

Arts & Crafts Desk for $224 // Item #T096

A lot of us deal with small living spaces. Perhaps you’re sharing an apartment with your partner and your little ones. Perhaps your off-campus apartment isn’t as spacious as you imagined. For any of these situations, we absolutely recommend looking for furniture that serve dual purposes. Our favorite newest suggestion is to use a small dresser as your night stand. Not only does it have a solid amount of surface space for a lamp and a charging station, but it has a lot of storage capacity that you so desperately need.

4-Drawer Chest for $210 // Item #A057
5-Drawer Dresser for $306 // Item #KA837









Did you know that many of our pieces come in a variety of colors? No matter what your living situation looks like, Nadeau always offers a nice variety of styles and finishes to suit everyone’s design needs. If you aren’t satisfied with a particular finish of a piece but love the functionality, why not paint it yourself? DIY projects are a great way to infuse your creativity into your home. Not only can you update the finish, but you can also easily switch out any door knobs. Just go to your nearest home furnishings store, pick out something snazzy, and voila! Now you have the perfect custom-made desk, dresser, or night stand. If you have any questions or are in need of DIY tips, don’t hesitate to ask our team of professionals anytime you stop by your local store.

Still unsure of what your dorm room or studio apartment needs? Are your kids completely indecisive and useless when it comes to updating their spaces? Here are some perfectly soulful options that might be just what you need… so keep reading!

Dual Purpose Pieces

Again, we cannot stress enough how important dual-functionality furniture can be when space is limited. Another tip is to double your side tables as stools when having several guests over and extra seating space is needed.

Iron & Wood Stool // $79 each // Item #NB111

It may seem old-school, but we absolutely recommend a solid trunk for all college and graduate students. Not only does it serve several functions, but it lends to a nostalgic aesthetic, therefore giving a nice vintage feel to your space. Place the trunk at the foot of your bed so you can sit upon it to tie your shoes and other such tasks while also storing valuables inside. Another great option is to double the trunk as a coffee table.

Trunk // $219 // Item #HW7208

You need to study, and you also need to eat right? We’d like to think that these are both pretty necessary parts of your daily life. So why not save some space and double your dining table as a desk or vice versa? More room to study and less space taken up by having both a large table for eating and a separate desk for homework.

Dining Table // $292 // Item #HW7010
Iron Desk // $227 // Item #HW7585









Light Up Your Workspace

When you finally move out of your parents’ place and either move to on-campus housing or off-campus in a small apartment, chances are there’s not much lighting already provided for you. This is when finding the perfect lamps to light up your home come in handy. From standing lamps to table lights, you’re going to need a few of these items so that your place isn’t a cave. Check out these lovely options!

Wood Floor Lamp with Glass Shade // $244 // Item #UM132
Table Lamp // $90 // Item #LP131
Metal Table Lamp // $90 // Item #UM138









Find these and many other similar pieces at your local Nadeau! We carry furniture for people of all ages. Our inventory is always changing, so be sure to join your location’s newsletter to get notified whenever a new shipment of soulful treasures arrives. As always, we love seeing your creations around the home, so please send photos to pr@furniturewithasoul. Wishing you all a happy back-to-school season!

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