Nadeau’s Best of 2016


2016 as we all know, was a year filled with many downs and few ups, but our stores at Nadeau recorded one of the best years in company history! Not only that, but we are building steam as we begin to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year (stay tuned for more to come). Looking back at 2016, we had a lot of fun on our Furniture With a Soul blog. Whether it was the essentials you needed to bring when furniture shopping, or how to tell if its time to buy a new couch, our blog was packed with helpful tips and information on how to better your style and creative...

Nadeau LA Designer Meet and Greet: Leslie Whitlock


This past Saturday our Los Angeles location hosted its first designer meet and greet! There was music, food, beverages and of course our designer, Leslie Whitlock.  Leslie has been a long time patron of Nadeau Los Angeles having used our furniture since the company’s beginning! Leslie Whitlock has called Los Angeles home for 20 years where he spent 15 of those as a production photographer for Jennifer Lopez, David Arquette, Leann Rhimes, and others. It was only natural that his love of design and furniture would soon lead him to a position with L.A. based interior designer Arlene Gapin. He branched out on his own to open his design company staging interiors...

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Nadeau Souls: Windermere Flowers and Gifts


Beauty comes in many forms, and one of the most natural and universally accepted forms of beauty are flowers. Flowers are an important, some might say essential, component to many of lifes biggest moments. They are with us on Valentine’s Day, weddings, and funerals just to name a few. And just like our furniture, we at Nadeau believe that every flower carries its own unique soul.                        Windermere Flowers and Gifts has been serving its local Orlando community for quite some time now and have left their beautiful mark in many special moments of time. Specializing in high style European and lush tropical...

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Nadeau Treasure Hunt: Can You Spot the Buddha​?

I Spy coversasdasd

Being lost, in most situations is a frightening experience. However, at Nadeau, we encourage our customers to get lost in our stores! If you have been inside one of our locations then you know that it can be a lot to take in at first. Our pieces are stacked high and wide which only allows for little passages to navigate through. But throughout your journey, you begin to lose yourself in your furniture surroundings. This is when you will find the pieces that stand out to you the most! Take some time now and search through our Los Angeles store. There is a Buddha head in each photo strategically placed...

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