Achieve the West Coast Vibe

Taking the beach back to your place doesn’t have to be literal. You don’t need to go out and collect handfuls of sand and shells and throw them all over your cabinets and desks. While actual beach materials can give off those seafaring vibes, pieces with light hues, quirky nautical accents, and various textures can open up your space and seriously evoke that coastal way of life.

Here’s some beachy inspiration to get your creative juices flowing:

ANCHOR WALL ART | $51 (sku # HD145), GEOMETRIC CURVES PILLOW | $58 (sku # PCN006)

CHAIR WITH RUSH SEAT | $292 (sku # YD676R), IRON FISH | $31 (sku # PR610)

CARVED SIDE TABLE | $150 (sku # NE501), IRON PAINTED FISH CANDLE STAND | $17 (sku # PR811)

PADDLE | $34 EACH (sku # KA826), POM POM THROW | $34 (sku # HD884)

BEDSIDE TABLE | $199 EACH (sku # NK306), NORA TABLE LAMP | $202 (sku # LP227)

There are so many ways to make your space feel like you’re living down by the coast, the West Coast that is. Stop by any one of our 40+ Nadeau stores, located all over the country. Find your nearest one HERE. Don’t forget to sign-up for that location’s specific newsletter to receive alerts every time a new shipment arrives!


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