A Week by Week Guide to Help You Move Out!

Peak moving season spans from now until September, so some of you may be a bit…frazzled. If you’re waist high in packing boxes and ready to tear your hair out, then we insist that you PUT THE PACKING TAPE DOWN, step back, and take a breather. Once you’ve come back to earth, sneak a peek at our week-by-week move in guide. The amount of planning that goes into a big move can be incredibly daunting but if you’ve got a friend (or a neighborhood furniture store) to help with the hard part, it’s much easier to lighten your load. Our detailed plan has helped many movers get through this stressful period, so why not you too!? Go on and give it a try!


Now that you have the guide, follow it as closely or as loosely as you like and stop by your local Nadeau location for all the essentials. Don’t forget to sign-up for your nearest store’s email newsletter to receive alerts every time a new shipment of furniture and accessories arrives. Who knows? A new shipment might just be delivered during the first few weeks of your move!

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