A Home Makeover With A Soul

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again; Nadeau belongs in every room of the house! Buffets for the dining room, coffee tables for the living room, reading chairs for the bedroom, islands for the kitchen, storage cabinets for the bathroom…we could go on but you get the idea. Each of our locations offers a huge ever-changing selection of inventory that flies out of our doors as fast as it comes in. This is just one of the many reasons why Nadeau is perfect for seasonal makeovers, design projects, as well as adding a bit of life to your space. We’re not the only ones who think so. Our unique furniture has been used to impress viewers on shows like “The Price Is Right!”, “Good Bones”, and most recently, the HGTV pilot “Fixin’ To Sell” featuring the all-star home flippers of Hammer and Sales.

Chelsea, Ammon, and Travis are a three-part Madison-based home improvement company that has made flipping homes their family business. They had less than three weeks to transform an empty house into a modern open concept masterpiece.  They broke the space down then revamped it to be both functional and beautiful. Once the framework was prepared all they had to do was fill it with soul.


Credit: Hammer and Sales; Sideboard (Item #HW7509, $698)/ Coffee table (Item #TI220, $227)

When touring most homes the family room is usually the first to make an impression and this one doesn’t disappoint. Although this room is gorgeous enough to stop you in your tracks you won’t want to miss out on what the rest of the property has to offer. Every inch of this home is maxed out on style as well as a number of soul-filled pieces from Nadeau.


Credit: Hammer and Sales; Dining Table (Item #KA242, $544)

Who would have thought that pairing a natural wood dining table with a dark-hued ceiling would be so captivating and chic? Or that having simple counter stools share a space with an ornate dining set would result in an eating area that is perfectly balanced? When a talented group of designers and renovators are given room to make the most of our offering, jaws are guaranteed to drop!


Credit: Hammer and Sales; Upholstered Stool (Item #PC4023, $157)/ Nightstand (Item #PC697, $192)

When it comes to bedroom decor the trick is to fill it with the essentials while maintaining a design that is comfortable, elegant, and optimized for utility. The large windows, natural light, and neutral colors work together to make this guest room appear airy and fresh. The symmetrical design along with the upholstered accent stool in the corner offers an unexpected touch that blankets this room in luxury.

You’ve gotten a taste of the final product but there’s always more to see. Check out the full pilot episode available for streaming on the HGTV app by clicking here.

If you’re looking to start a home redesign project of your own don’t hesitate to take a trip to your local Nadeau. Our experienced team will work with you, your contractor, and your interior designer to make your dream home a reality. By taking advantage of our gift card option you can even send them in when you’re unavailable and have a whole new house by the time you return from work! New items, styles, and designs arrive at our store several times a month so be sure to stay “in the know” by signing up for our mailing list. Come in today to find the newest addition to your decor.

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