A Bookcase for Every Room

The bookcase is a staple piece of furniture that has a place in almost every room of the house. Large, solid wood bookcases can add an intellectual touch to living rooms, dens, and libraries. Mid-sized pieces are ideal for storing those go-to reads in the comfort of your own bedroom. Smaller periodical racks are perfect for powder rooms. Bookcases can also make a stylish addition to the “Man Cave.”

Displaying cherished print publications throughout your abode provides guests with a glimpse into your interests and personality, and an activity during their stay. After a long day of work, it’s a great reminder to pick up your favorite novel, relax, and go on a literary vacation. Bookcases are also prime places for showing-off cherished keepsakes.

At Nadeau – Furniture With a Soul, we believe the bookcase will never go out of style and we have your reading and knickknack storage needs taken care of for nearly every room of the house. The following pieces are just a few of the many styles we carry at stores nationwide.

Angled Bookcase (Item #A769/$278)
Solid Wood Book Shelf (Item #M730/$439)










Living room: A large, solid wood bookshelf can play a pivotal role in rounding out the interior decor of your living room, den or library. In addition to the beauty of the furniture piece itself, a variety of book titles and covers add color and texture to your space(s). However, going big isn’t always practical. So choosing a pared-down, angled design is a great option for smaller spaces and a variety of decor schemes.

Flag Bookcase (Item #A738/$284)
Dome Top Bookcase (Item #A120, ???)










Bedroom: The bedroom is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the outside world…a place to relax and escape. The flag bookcase is a statement piece that’s sure to bring a smile to your face and help facilitate the winding down process. The dome top bookcase is a bit more traditional and perfect for storing books and clothing.

Iron and Wood Book Shelf (Item #NN328/$391)
Iron and Wood Half Dome Shelf (Item #HW7570/$351)










Kitchen: The kitchen might not be the first place you would think of having a bookcase. But think again. Homemakers also need a place to show off their favorite cookbooks, recipes, and kitchen accessories. The iron and wood bookshelf, as well as the iron and wood half dome shelf, are elegant and sure to enhance – not distract from – the heart of the home.

Book Table (Item #A749/$121)
Corner Bookshelf (Item #MC625/$$153)










Powder room: The powder room is also a place to relax and refresh. A small periodical rack or corner bookshelf can provide visitors and full-time inhabitants with magazines and quirky books to flip through and a place for candles and other accessories that help beautify the space.

Industrial two-door bookcase with vintage print (Item #DS043/$390)

Man cave: Last but certainly not least, bookcases can add a practical touch to those home retreats often associated with the “man of the house.” If that person enjoys tinkering with motorcycles and cars, this industrial two-door bookcase with vintage print is ideal for storing repair manuals, magazines, and even auto parts. It can also make a fun statement piece for other rooms of the home.

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