7 Scented Candles You’ll Love!

If you’re anything like us, you have candles ready to go for every possible occasion and covering every possible surface of your home. From the breezy spring candle to the festive holiday candle, it’s hard not to feel relaxed and comforted by the aromatherapy of scented candles. With an approximate burn time of 75 hours, each candle is hand-poured in the USA using the finest 100% soy wax. Each scent comes in 3 different sizes: travel tin (small), glass jar (medium), and mini urn (large).

While you’ll never truly know what furniture and home decor treasures you may find in any one of our 40+ locations nationwide, you’ll always find these scented candles in their various manifestations. Here are 7 soulfully scented candles that you will adore!

Fresh Cut Grass Candle

This raw grass and cedar scented candle will transform your indoors into the great outdoors.

$9 travel tin | $24 glass jar | $28 mini urn

Sicilian Fig Candle

This citrus scent combines oranges and lemons with a whiff of fig in a candle
that’ll make you feel like you’re sunning on the Mediterranean.

$9 travel tin | $24 glass jar | $28 mini urn

Bungalow Candle

A hint of peppermint, a little bit of vanilla, and a lot to love.

$9 travel tin | $24 glass jar | $28 mini urn

Hedgerow Candle

Infuse your home with the scent of freshly cut hedges.
I know how that sounds, but it beats smelling the cologne your ex left on the pillow.

$9 travel tin | $24 glass jar | $28 mini urn

Mar Y Sol Candle

A perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom.
This scent of bubbly citrus fruits will nestle you into the middle of the tropics.

$9 travel tin | $24 glass jar | $28 mini urn

Black Pepper Candle

Spice up your space with a candle that just simply makes sense sitting next to the Cayenne and Paprika.

$9 travel tin | $24 glass jar | $28 mini urn

Wild Currant Candle

It’s fruity, it’s tart, and it’s floral. Perfect for any season and in any room.

$9 travel tin | $24 glass jar | $28 mini urn

This preview selection is not even the half of all the candles we have in every location in America. While you’re treasure hunting for furniture from India and Indonesia, grab a candle and transform your home and mood with the strike of a match. Don’t forget to sign-up for your local Nadeau’s newsletter to receive alerts whenever new shipments of furniture and accessories arrive.

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