7 Reasons Why We Fell in Love with Georgia's Oldest City

Nadeau Savannah turns 7!

Nadeau celebrates 7 years in Savannah

Our Savannah store is turning 7 this fall and we feel right at home. Savannah has embraced us with open arms and to celebrate our seven years of bliss, here are our top 7 -of many- reasons why we absolutely love Savannah.

1.The People.

Charmingly southern at heart, the community of Savannah is one that is friendly, warm and eclectic. We have experienced a great sense of community with our amazingly loyal customers and neighbors, always there to lend us a helping hand when needed.

2. A Little Bit Traditional, a Little Bit Modern.

Just like Nadeau’s furniture, the Hostess City of the South offers a mixed style and feel; it’s where classic meets modern. The rich, vibrant history of Savannah is seen through its buildings and monuments,effortlessly woven between more contemporary structures. It’s the best of both worlds!

The historic side of Savannah

3. Savannah Hearts Pets.

Charming and pet friendly, Savannah is a dog friendly city with many places that will not only accommodate two-legged guests, but also their furry friends, allowing a great experience for everyone, including the family pet.

4. The Tidal Marshes

Deep blue waters, soft waves, and breathtaking views; what’s not to love? Georgia’s Lower Coastal Plain is home to almost a third of the Atlantic Coast’s tidal salt marshes. It’s no wonder Sidney Lanier’s poem “The Marshes of Glynn” paints a beautiful picture of the great coastal sites, a place that is popular for both locals and visitors. On the other hand, the tiny Tybee Island is a salty breeze haven for everyone looking to escape the summer heat and the city’s hustle and bustle.

The Savannah River

5.The Nicest Local Designers You Will Ever Meet.

Savannah’s designers are always there for you when you need them! Talented, friendly and always willing to help out, they are more than happy to share their design tips with our Nadeau customers, making sure their experience at the store is just as unique and soulful as our furniture. Our local favorites include Jane Coslick and Jill Havens to name a few.

6. Home of Free Spirited Artists.

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), is one of the most prestigious art schools in the country, educating young talented minds from all around the world. The artistic community in Savannah is ever growing and ever present, drawing inspiration from the beautiful historic aspects of the city. And inspiring the city in turn.

7. Come as You Are.

Our lucky number 7 and last but not least reason why we love Savannah so much is because of YOU.. Thank you for making these past seven years an amazing ride. Here’s to 7 more 🙂

Nadeau Savannah's current manager Marge with former manager Kathryn.
Nadeau Savannah’s current manager Marge with former manager Kathryn.

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