5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Spring Cleaning

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The nights have been cold and the days dark. The only excuse we’ve had to leave the warmth of our couches these past few months was to get more coffee or tea. With the help of the sun we become much like the flower and begin to bloom into active creatures. But when that star sheds it’s light on our abodes it reveals the monster that has been feasting.

Our unique furnishings have become dull and are calling us to them to help re-ignite their souls. But we have been lazy in our war, and now have procrastinated our fights into one major battle, spring cleaning. Even speaking these words can bring the strongest beings to their knees. But alas, we all must partake in this fight, so here are 5 benefits to spring cleaning to help fill your heart with courage and motivation:

1. Clean House = Happiness

  •  Clinically proven, having a clean house not only has major health benefits but also increases your mood!
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2. A New Years Resolution You Can Actually Accomplish in One Day

-Let’s face it, as much as we would love to workout for 2 hours and be in shape it just doesn’t work like that, but cleaning does. So break out the Clorox and check one resolution off the list!

3. A Chance to Give Back

-Whether it’s old soccer gear in the garage or 8 pairs of your extensive shoe collection, spring cleaning is another great way to give back to those in need and feel great doing so.

4. You Never know What You’ll Find

-Reaching into the deepest and darkest places of your quarters will not only reveal the evil that is dust but also it’s prisoners. Because we don’t lose our stuff, the dust bunnies take it.

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5. Two Birds One Sponge

Did you know just twenty minutes of cleaning three times a week can increase your energy levels by 20%?! So soak up those sponges and get ready to break a sweat!

No matter what your style is; rustic, industrial, or mid-century, no furniture looks good dirty! Let us know what other benefits there are to spring cleaning and happy dust-bunny hunting!





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