5 Pieces That Will Never Go out of Style

We all know too well that when something is trendy, whether it be furniture or clothes, that doesn’t make it timeless. In fact, most fads fade quickly and abruptly. There are some, however, that have withstood this viscous cycle and secured the title of being ‘timeless.’ Few and far in between, these pieces take a little more time to find and acquire not only because of their popularity, but also uniqueness.

It’s time to stop buying over-priced furniture just because its on trend! Here is a collection of five pieces that pass the test of time and will look great in any home.


1. Mid-century is easily the golden era of furniture design. Setting a foundation for many different designs to build upon, mid-century styled pieces combine a modern aesthetic, functionality, and soul to make them distinct and timeless. You can’t go wrong.


2. Ottomans are a universal piece that can serve a space in many ways. From a foot stool to a as coffee table, this piece can do it all. The above ottoman is one of our favorite options–between the classic tuft cushion top and stained, hand-carved wooden foundation, this piece was built to last.


3. The Tom’s chair is an instant classic that adds an industrial elegance to a space that can’t be rivaled. The combination of the dark leather cushion and expertly forged metal creates a unique look that can act as both a statement in itself and a compliment to its neighboring pieces.


4. The bar cart has been recently adopted by many, but has been around for ages. Whether it’s crafted from metal or wood, these pieces are catalysts for a good night and deserve to greet guests with a grand selection of spirits. Learn more about how to easily set up a home bar here! 


5. Coffee tables have long been an essential piece of furniture to own. They can act as a centerpiece to a living room, provide storage, and display unique accessories! This particular piece exerts soul in a modest and classic way.

Whether your buying clothes, furniture, cars, or even houses, it’s important to know what will last the longest in terms of quality and design. Not any piece can be deemed as timeless, but at Nadeau we pride ourselves on our a unique collection of handmade quality furniture that will withstand the sands of time.

Now get out there, take your time, and discover your next timeless piece. We recommend your local Nadeau as a great place to start and end the search!

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