4 Telltale Signs It’s Time for a New Couch


Sometimes it’s difficult to say goodbye to a piece of furniture. However, even though your favorite couch has made it all the way from your first apartment to your new house, as well as through countless Superbowl parties and other gatherings, it might be time to invest in a brand new sofa.

At Nadeau, we get countless customers who ask our thoughts when imaging their unique, new finds with items already in their homes. We look at a lot of pictures of couches! From our experience, here are some signs that it might be time to change up your living room sofa:

1) You sink into it.

While many of us enjoy feeling cozy on the couch, a sure sign of an aged couch is one that swallows you whole when you sit on it. In addition to having to work twice as hard to stand up, this probably isn’t very good for your back. It’s probably best that you invest in a new sofa, as soon as possible.

2) The fabric is fraying/leather is cracking.

Wear and tear is completely normal! Over time most furniture, but especially sofas, will exhibit signs of everyday use. After having people sit on your couch over and over, plus spills, accidents, and who knows what else, one day your sofa might just give in and begin to fray. No need to worry, just time to start shopping!

Photo from blog.sofasandsectionals.com

3) The color has faded.

It was emerald green when you bought it; and now it’s a shade reminiscent of split pea soup. While we love split pea soup, a faded couch can weigh down and cause a space to look shabby simply because of the color. While you don’t have to choose a wild, vibrant color, make sure that your couch is in its truest hue in order to keep your living space lively.

4) You’ve changed your decor.

You’ve finally made it to a Nadeau store and before you knew it, you’ve managed to pick up new handmade side tables, a gorgeous coffee table, and an industrial TV stand that is absolutely perfect. Once you get everything home and put in place, you survey your new living room and there it is, the glaring odd piece out. That baby pink, corduroy couch that you once loved is now all wrong. Sometimes it’s okay to replace pieces for purely aesthetic purposes! A cohesively decorated living room makes for a happy home.


Overall, we want your furniture and home to have soul! If you’re in the midst of replacing a couch or redecorating, swing by your local Nadeau store and let us help you perfect your space.

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