4 Styles to Refresh Your Home Office!

Obtaining a home office is something that many of us aspire to have. If you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to create their own work space, it’s important to remember to keep it new and energized! Just like fresh ideas are born from an imaginative space, so is your office decor. Make sure that you stay inspired by your surroundings and think about giving your home office a much-needed makeover.

Casual Industrial

Have natural materials and modern neutrals been on your mind? How about trying on a casual industrial theme for your space? This design choice is one that will leave you feeling organized and full of great ideas to put toward your passions. Use natural wood elements combined with metal accents to showcase the clean lines and lightness of the room. Finish off the look by throwing in a few of your favorite plants, an antique area rug, or a soft throw, and enjoy this breath of fresh air.

Feminine Cottage

What does every young professional need?  A work space of their own, of course! A place where they feel inspired to let their brilliant mind run wild and free. This feminine cottage style is a beautiful setting to express all of the great accomplishments they see on the horizon. Add in bright, white furniture to make the space feel clean and vibrant, and let your imagination run from there. Create a monochromatic dreamworld where you showcase your favorite color, work of art, or inspirational wall decor.

Modern Industrial

This next theme is a take on the casual industrial style mentioned earlier. Clean lines, rustic palettes, and an unfinished warehouse vibe make this look modern industrial, through and through. Simplicity is key when it comes to pulling off this home office look. Minimize the clutter and bring in accessories that have intention and add class to the room. Think, geometric shapes, glass orbs, black iron, and teak wood elements when designing this space.

Floral Farmhouse

Maybe your soft side needs a little appreciation and a floral farmhouse theme is just what you need. Who can resist a good idea when its shrouded in fluffy pillows and bouquets of flowers? In place of a traditional desk, try incorporating a farm-style wood table instead. This adds a fun twist on the traditional office look and will give you all the space you need to get your work done. Lastly, if you have the square footage to add some plush seating in your office – do it! Sometimes, the best way to re-energize is to take your break on a nice, plush sofa.

However you decide to refresh and revamp your office space, do it in a way that expresses you best. Let Nadeau help you find the pieces that represent your style and start re-creating your one-of-a-kind sanctuary. Click HERE to find a store near you and don’t forget to add yourself to our mailing list to get first looks at our new arrivals. Happy revamping!

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