4 Quick Fixes to Spruce Things Up at Home!

Lighting can change an entire room!

A little change never hurt anyone! While the idea of a big home makeover seems overwhelming and expensive, over here at Nadeau, we know how to add a little magic to your home. From rustic accessories to imported accent pieces, we are going to show you how to make your home extra soulful and cozy in 4 quick steps. Nice furniture doesn’t have to be expensive which is why our pieces are not only unique, they are also wallet friendly.


1- Add a splash of color

A little splash of color can make a big difference in a room. We have a variety of beautifully painted, solid wood pieces that will make any space pop- not to mention it adds character and charm. Visit a location near you for the best selection in hand painted furniture.

Add a Splash of Color!


2-Here’s a bright idea!

Light, light, and more light! Our light fixtures can add soul to a lifeless space, or even turn a cold room into a cozy haven.

Lighting can change an entire room!

3-Accessorize your space! 

Home decor items are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to change the vibe of a space! Our large selection of trays, hooks, ceramics, pillows and even wall decor are the perfect pieces to make your heart happy. Accessorizing is so much fun and the possibilities are endless!

Home decor pieces!


4-A magical carpet ride!

Rugs are the perfect addition to any space to add warmth and texture. With many designs and patterns, you are sure to find something that is special and just right for your home.

The magic of rugs!


Small changes can make a big impression, stop by one of our many locations and add some soul to your home!



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