4 Hacks to Transform Your Space for Spring!

If the worst part of spring is the cleaning then the best part is the revitalization it represents! Once you’ve finished scrubbing the floorboards, wiping the windows, and dusting every corner of the house, we’re sure the LAST thing you want to do is overhaul your home decor. Keep calm, we’ve got a few room transformation hacks that will make your season. A room makeover doesn’t have to be a headache. A few small but deliberate changes can make a big difference. Read on for maximum results for minimal effort!

HACK #1: Add some color! If you’ve seen the difference an accent wall can make then you already know the power of a paint job. Skip the wall and focus on some bright furniture! A surprising shade against your existing color scheme is unexpected and exciting! Once you find that delicate balance between fitting in and standing out, you’ll want an accent piece in every room.

HACK #2: Draw the eye! Change the focus of a room with bold accessories or a patterned area rug. A strong item on a wall, shelf, or table will be beneficial by subtly changing the personality of your decor. Whether you are filling an empty space or replacing “knick-knacks” to create a more cohesive theme, remember the trick is to only add what you need without overwhelming your area.

HACK #3: Get some breathing room! Open up your space by removing unnecessary items. Do you really need that bobble-head from ’96 or those doilies whose origin you aren’t quite sure of? How you remove your extras is completely up to you. You can toss them out or give them away. If you really can’t bear to part with something, introduce some storage pieces into your design. Now isn’t that refreshing?

HACK #4: Change it up! With a wave of your hands (and a little elbow grease) you can have a brand new room without spending a dime. Show your interior design know-how by utilizing what you’ve learned so far. Rearrange your furniture and small décor items to enhance your space and accentuate your style!

And there you have it! Employ these hacks to experience a well-deserved sense of satisfaction. Send us a few before and after shots of your own if you are feeling especially proud of your (not so) hard work. We are always happy to welcome up-and-coming interior designers into the fold.

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